Flying Through Time: A Journey Into History In A Wwii Biplane

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Relive history on an 8,000-mile journey to historic airfields in a classic aircraft

Meet the men who fought World War II above the clouds

An aviation travel book similar to best-sellers Biplane (Bach) and The Cannibal Queen (Coonts) but the first to weave in the stories of the pilots who flew these planes decades ago.

Imagine what it would be like to talk and fly with the men who flew the airplanes of World War II. What was in their minds as they made their first solos? And what was air combat like? Flying through Time is the closest many of us will come to understanding what it was like to be a WWII aviator.

Tens of thousands of America’s pilots during World War II trained in the Boeing Stearman biplane. For most, it was their first airplane in a series of larger, faster, and more dangerous aircraft that they used to fight the war. The pilots would never forget their first flights in a Stearman and the adventures that followed. Jim Doyle, owner of a restored 1941 Stearman, retraced the wartime journeys of his plane, crossing the country twice, flying over California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas, and touching down at each of the eight bases at which it served.

Flying Through Time is the story of Doyle’s challenging flight, of the uncertainties of piloting a sixty-year-old biplane almost 8,000 miles. His experiences meeting, talking, and flying with the men who flew the legendary Stearman paint a vivid picture of the intense, emotion-filled days of World War II. The pilots’ recollections, refreshed for many when they took the controls of Doyle’s plane, are woven throughout the narrative of his trip. These anecdotes, and new information from an archive discovered during the flight, tell of fears, courage, humor, and the sheer adventure of the events that owned the veterans’ youth. This is seat-of-the-pants flying at its most thrilling, recalling a time when ordinary young Americans were called upon to be heroes.

Customer Reviews

Retracing 8,000 miles of journeys in a restored biplane, August 6, 2003
By Midwest Book Review

Flying Through Time: A Journey Into History In A World War II Biplane by aviation expert James M. Doyle is an aviation history book that examines the legendary Boeing Stearman biplane, featuring the author's personal experience in retracing 8,000 miles of journeys in a restored biplane. Conversations with World War II survivors who piloted a Stearman; the exciting impression of flying through time, space, and history; the expansive description of both the wonder of flight; as well as the more mundane problems of mechanical upkeep on an aged plane distinguish Flying Through Time as a very highly recommended read for Aviation History reference collections and biplane enthusiasts.

Good Reading for Everyone, June 3, 2003
By J. L. Matthews

Not being a history reader and not partial to aviation, I was reluctant to read this recommended book. However, I was pleasantly surprised and after just a few chapters, I was completely drawn into Flying Through Time. These stories, from both past and present pilots, are captivating and often times humerous and makes one truly appreciate the significant impact these pilots had on our future. This book is good reading for anyone!

A trip that few will duplicate!, July 17, 2003
By milton sue

This is one of those books that would make a great PBS documentary! I can just see Mr. Doyle doing the local station PBS tour and maybe bringing some of the WWII pilots from his book along to talk about their exploits. I am enjoying this book like the author flys his Stearman, slow and leisurely. And enjoying the sidetrips to places I'll (unfortunately) probably never be able to go. The book is half an engaging walk through WWII air combat and half modern-day adventure. Buy and read this book-it's funny, enlightening and you'll know more about a Stearman than you ever thought you would! Happy flying!

A great book that is hard to put down, June 15, 2003
By T. Law "teddylaw"

Even though I know little about airplanes and flying, this book held my attention and kept me turning the pages. The old soldiers' stories are funny and touching and exciting. The author has caught just the right tone in relating them, frequently displaying a dry sense of humor.

Flying through Time: History in a WWII BiPlane, September 25, 2010
By Dr Willis

Book was effectively new and came faster than anticipated.
Will SEARCH for this vendor when buying other books.
Dr Willis

Flying Through Time: A Journey into History in a WWII Biplane, September 13, 2010
By Don "Woody" Wood

I have always had an interest in WWII aircraft but knew little about the pilots that flew them. This book has a wonderful way of transitioning between the author's own experience in flying the Stearman Biplane that most of the WWII pilots trained in, their experiences with it and many of their battle stories. A very easy reading book good for most age groups.

An excellent read, December 9, 2005
By ragwing

Ho hum, another 'flying across America' book ... it's been done before (e.g., "Zero Three Bravo", "Flight of Passage", "Flight of the Gin Fizz", "The Cannibal Queen", "Biplane", etc. etc.); do we really need another? Suffice it to say that "Flying Through Time" is superbly written. The author's personal experiences are carefully interwoven with 'flashback' narratives from former WWII pilots, a literary technique that works surprisingly well. Highly recommended!

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