Flying Legends: A Photographic Study Of The Great Piston Combat Aircraft Of Wwii

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Magnificent Photographs of WWII Aircraft...., April 18, 2004
By K. A. Stevenson "WIAPilot"

"Flying Legends - A photographic study of the great piston combat aircraft of WWII," is an exceptional book of photographs by John M. Dibbs. The book is written by Tony Holmes, who does a wonderful job - but the real focus is almost 250 pages of WWII aircraft that have been BRILLIANTLY photographed. It has more photographs than most books, for which I have paid TWICE this price. As vice president of an aviation company that restores military aircraft, I tend to collect a lot of aviation books, which feature restored aircraft. This is one of the best. It is unfortunate that a photo of the book is not featured at Amazon because this book is worth the money and worth the wait. The book is divided into 20 chapters. Some of which include: P-40, Spitfire, F4F Wildcat; P-51 Mustang; B-17, F4U Corsair, F6F Hellcat; Mitsubishi A6M Zero; P-47 Thunderbolt and P-38 Lightning. Each chapter is remarkable. The P-40/ Kittyhawk Mk I are my favorite planes and these are some of the BEST photographs that I have seen of these planes. (And I've seen a lot.) This book is worthy of being, "coffee table" material because there are so many pictures, but it is also a book that will delight the most obsessed aviation fan as well. It would be an excellent gift for a pilot or aviation enthusiast.

Absolutely stunning!, January 25, 2000
By T. E. Vaughn

Having long admired the photography of John Dibbs in the Flying Legends calendars, I was very pleased to find this collection of his work. This book is absolutely stunning. The photography is both beautiful and evocative. In war, the aircraft rarely maintained the pristine look captured in these photos, but that is the way, I'm sure, that the aviators remember them. Most of these photos are of refurbished warbirds being flown by enthusiasts or collectors. I have always liked it that the flyers in the cockpits of the Dibbs photos are always wearing the right gear... no postwar hardhats with visors here, this is leather helmets and goggles! It is a wonderful thing indeed that the beauty of these machines is so lovingly captured. I browse the book frequently and am always a bit sad to close the covers. This book is a wonderful tribute to men (and some women ferry pilots) who flew these aircraft in the defence of freedom. Truly a wonderful buy. I sincerely hope a second volume is in the works.

Warbird Legends/Flying Legends...beautiful photography..., February 23, 2005
By matthew hill

...this book has glorious mainly color photographs and interesting text out though, if you order both this and "Warbird Legends", you will have the same book twice! not that it is such a bad thing!

Stunning..., October 31, 2005
By Photogs-Wings

As a rabid hobbiyst avaition photog myself I am always interested in seeing what everyone else is doing. And this book makes my best efforts look amatuerish. His sense of composition and editing is nothing short of amazing, his ability to capture the spirit of the aircraft is stunning. Something that I thought was interesting is that most of these images where shot on film originaly.. If you are looking to see what realy skilled aviation photog can do with his camera. This is the book to buy!

A must have for warbird enthusiasts, August 12, 2006
By W. Amend

Beautiful contemporary photographs balanced by just the right amount of historical photos and insightful quotes from the men who flew and fought in them. The best photographic study I have seen.

Thank you Mr, Dibbs, February 18, 2006
By mantas "Bernardo"

All shots were superb, specially the dual aircraft, great dynamics, brillant colors, contrast and claraty. Can't ask for better!


Lots of Great Color Photos of World War II Aircraft, November 26, 2005
By Jeffrey T. Munson

This great book is loaded with brilliant and breathtaking photographs of some of the most famous Allied and Axis aircraft of World War II. There are twenty chapters in the book, each being devoted to a different aircraft. From heavy bombers such as the B-17 Flying Fortress to nimble fighters such as the P-51 Mustang, photographer John M. Dibbs brings each one of these warbirds back to life. Accompanying each series of photographs is an informative textual background describing each aircraft and some of the great missions for which it was used.

I found this book in a bargain bin, and what a terrific find it has turned out to be. The photos are simply dazzling, while the text does an excellent job of describing each aircraft in expert detail. My six-year-old son loves to flip through the pages of the book with me, and he's very eager to know about each of the aircraft in the book.

I give this book my highest recommendation. This fine book brings the images of some of the most popular Allied and Axis aircraft to life, and the text is very informative. Open up this book and watch as some "old ghosts" leap off the pages.

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