Warbird Recovery: The Hunt For A Rare World War Ii Plane In Siberia, Russia

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April Fool’s Day, 1992. Author Gordon R. Page receives a call from a business associate offering him the chance to travel to Russia in hopes of acquiring a rare World War II fighter plane. He’s waited for this call for yearsâ€"and it’s not a joke. Packed with action, intrigue, and danger, Warbird Recovery delivers Page’s gripping true story of his journey to Russia to recover the aircraft and fulfill a lifelong dream.
In bitter winter conditions, Page journeys to St. Petersburg, Russia, in an attempt to recover a rare German Bf 109 fighter plane. But everything about traveling in the former Soviet Union only reinforces the vast differences between cultures. Placing a call, buying lunch, and even riding in a taxiâ€"to say nothing of buying an aircraftâ€"prove to be strange and dangerous.
Putting his life at risk, Page discovers that he must learn to negotiate and have plenty of cash on hand to ensure both his safety and his return to the United States. Yet nothing can compare to the excitement he experiences upon finding lost aircraft. Unfortunately, chasing a childhood dream just might cost him his life.

Customer Reviews

Warbird Recovery....Buy it!, June 15, 2008
By Steven M. Dennis

When Gordon sent me the book, I was excited to dig into it, but life is busy, and I didn't get a chance to read it right away. I am sorry I delayed reading it as it is an excellent story. I couldn't put it down once started. Gordon's undying passion and perseverance in the recovery of these WWII relics is impressive. I thought that I have had some pretty crazy adventures moving aircraft around here in the United States, but they are nothing compared to the situations that Gordon and his group had to endure. It makes me very thankful to live in America. Warbird Recovery is a well written story that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, even if you are not an aviation fanatic like me. Thanks Gordon!

A real adventure story with a surprise ending!!, February 24, 2008
By Rel Hoida

This book is a narrative of tenacity, grit, adventure and very real danger. This book is for anyone that enjoys a concise and quality read, as it is informative on a variety of topics. Gordon Page crafts an intense tale of his quest for a WWII aircraft as an "Americanski" in various settings throughout Russia in the early 90's. The story is exceptionally well-written and fast-paced. No fluff here, and great descriptions of the horrid accomodations, delectible menu items and treacherous, exploitative and sinister characters Mother Russia offers up for Gordon and his companions to navigate throughout this quest. Gordon was one of the pioneers in military relic treasure-hunting in Russia. Lots of guys have done it since, but Gordon is very lucky to alive as he ran into all of the initial life-threatening obstacles, before the Russians realized the profit opportunities, and became receptive to Westerners looking to buy the remnants of war. Reads like a spy novel, meets travel guide. Excellent. Read this book!!

A dream of warbirds, an adventure with the KGB and the Russian Mafia., July 25, 2009
By Paul Gordon

I started reading this book because I am a warbird fan.
The author was from my State, and I wanted to see what he discovered. I had no idea that you could risk your life just looking around. What a great book! Everyone wanted their fair share of money. Problem was, would the author have enough or would he pay the price? Would he find the rare aircraft? An adventure of Warbird relics, Cod liver oil and the shady characters of the underworld with the KGB always watching.
Once I started reading this book I had a difficult time putting it down.
I would recommend this book to anyone.

Pick It Up and You Will Not Put It Down, January 30, 2008
By Louis Faust III

Gordon Page's Warbird Recovery is a book that once you pick it up, you will not put it down until you finish it. And finish it you will quickly as it is a true to life page turner. Fittingly I finished mine sitting in an airport waiting for my plane. Fortunately I didn't wait as long for my plane to arrive as Gordon and his team did waiting for their's. However, during my wait I got to enjoy Warbird and it made my wait fun and exciting - just like the book. Buy it, read it, enjoy it! I know I did.

Absolutely riveting!, September 13, 2007
By Kevin Patsey

As soon as you start reading the first page you will not be able to put this book down! It is an incredible story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Gordon Page puts you right with him and you will ride the emotional roller coaster he endured throughout this adventure. Read this book and you will wonder why this story has not yet been made into a movie!

Engaging and entertaining, September 2, 2007
By Mikael Kristiansen "Mikael"

I definitely knew nearly nothing about warbirds, or much about airplanes in general, when I picked up this book, but I walked away from it wishing I had a pilots license - a victim of Gordon Page's passion and determination having rubbed off through his recollections. The travel adventures of Page and his companions are sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing, but consistently entertaining, and the book is very easy to engage with, which makes it a quick page turner, as well as a quirky introduction into the passions of warbird enthusiasts.

I love travel. I love stories and gritty, difficult, joyful interactions with peculiar locales and cultures, and I cherish being able to sample those adventures through the stories of others. If you're like me, this travel memoir will get you excited. Sketchy helicopter rides, run-ins with the Russian mob, shady bribes organized by shady contacts, etc. - it's all there! And through all the action, you come out with a solid appreciation for the preservation and restoration of history as experienced through these important WWII warbirds.

Warbird Recovery Book Review, August 20, 2007
By J. Thompson

I just finished reading Warbird Recovery by Gordon Page and throughly enjoyed the entire book. It starts out fast and never looses its quick pace. The author makes you feel as though you are right there with him in his quest for these rare WW11 aircraft. I am fascinated by the aircraft and that aspect is wonderfully detailed, but of equal value are the descriptions of the inner workings of the Russian Business world. This is a fast read, and very informative about Russian culture as seen through the eyes of an avid aviation enthusiast. This is a fun book to read and will give you a great sense of adventure and accomplishment.

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