Japanese Aircraft Of The Pacific War

  • Manufacturer: Naval Institute Press
The most significant types of aircraft operated by the Army and the Navy immediately before and during the Pacific War are described in the two main sections of this book, while a series of appendices provides information on less important Japanese military aircraft, foreign-designed aircraft operated by Japanese forces, aircraft carriers and tenders, aero-engines and aircraft armament.

Customer Reviews

Excellent!, May 7, 2001
By Jean-Pierre Valenzuela

I am a WW2 aircraft afficionado and I am all too familiar with aircraft used in the European theatre. But when it came to Japanese aircraft I have been limited to being familiar with only the famous Zero's and Betty's. This book by Rene J Francillon introduced to me the entire Japanese military aircraft inventory of the war! It begins by providing a background on Japan's aircraft industry during that era as well the history of its army and naval air forces. A section on designation systems, camouflage and markings is also provided before it covers in detail all the Army and Navy aircraft. It closes with appendices on lesser known types, engines and armament, and a designation index including an alphabetical list of the allied code name system. Each aircraft presented includes specifications, 3-view line drawings, several photos and are briefly discussed with very good narration. Very easy on the eyes and a wonderful read. This is the only book I'll ever need on Japanese aircraft.

A complete listing of japanese aircraft in the Pacific war, July 2, 2001

This book is a complete guide of the japanese aircraft of WWII. Every aircraft is featured with technical data, a three view plan and a short text depicting its development and basic operational records. The author is fully knowledgeable in the topic. Most aircraft are also shown in black and white photographs. This is a good reference book and should be in the bookshelf of everybody seriously interested in Pacific war history.

THE Bible of WWII Japanese Aviation., August 29, 1998
By William S. Vaughn (segues@aol.com)

There is no other single source of such comprehensive knowledge of World War II Japanese Aviation. Whether one has an interest in fighters, bombers, trainers, recce or transports, Francillion has provided the ultimate reference source. Not only are there synopses of period aircraft replete with technical details, but there is also a lavish photographic compendium. The historical review of the Japanese aircraft manufacturing industry and IJA and IJN aviation is priceless in its own right. And the addendum on powerplants and armaments is icing on the cake.

Rene is the expert!, March 6, 2003
By Robert Clark

Much in the same way that William Greene is the expert on German Aircraft of WW-II, Rene J. Francillon has researched this subject (off and on) over a period of about 30 years. The orignal edition of this book came out in the 1970's and has been updated as information from the files of the US Department of Defense has become declassified and "Pubic Domain".
One of the most interesting of the facts that one may come across is that many talented German Aircraft designers TRAINED Japanese aircraft design engineers during the 1920's and early 30's, because the Germans were prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles to engage in the design of war planes in their own country. This led to a close working relationship between German and Japanese warplane designers and a great deal of commerce between the two countries in war time designs.
Someone may eventually write a refernce book on this subject. I would if I had time.
Bob Clark
International Military Technology Historians

Amazing book for serious readers, January 2, 2006

this is the best book about Japanese Aircrafts ever done...my first impression was: an old book..it smells like grandpa... where are the colours???, but when I read the first page, I understood I had got the best information in a resume book...More than 100 aircrafts, each aircrat has one or more black and white picture, specifications, three view draw and extensive text with explanation of variations, roles, desperate missions, etc.
You can find a clear explanation about the japanese code name used by Navy and Imperial Army and of course American Code Name.
Finally you can find at last pages a sinopsis like index to get easily the page in the book for each aircraft....did you know japanese had aircrafts to catch easily P-51s, Corsairs and B-29s???...read it, and understand why they couldn't use them.
You have to waste a lot of time trying to get and resume this information by internet and even so, I'm sure you won't get all....My respect for this work.

A must, December 15, 2001
By J. Harrington "harringtonjj@comcast.net"

This book has been extremely helpful in my understanding of both Japanese Army and Navy Aircraft of World War II. The book contains not only information on the various models of each aircraft with views and pictures and their performance stats, but when and with what units the planes were placed in service, production numbers by manufacturer, paint schemes, the Allied code name development, aicraft engines and armaments and great narratives on each plane. A great book, you won't be disappointed.

Excellent reference material, September 10, 2007
By Johnny the Boy Robot

This book is very detailed and for the most part satisfyingly complete. The illustrative photographs (or in the case of airplanes that were never photographed, rare original concept drawings) are very clear and effective. Service histories are often sparse in favor of development and technical details, but if you're in the market for a concise dictionary of Japanese aircraft you'll probably appreciate the attention to the harder to come by details.

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